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HOAX:  The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled

A non-fiction account of the connection between the two main characters in the Philadelphia Experiment and how the Navy covered its tracks.
A “can’t put it down” true-life mystery that reveals a surprising Navy cover up, told in the first person, as it happened.
The Navy’s 1943 electromagnetic experiment (aka the Philadelphia Experiment which, allegedly, made a Navy ship invisible) is explored in the light of new discoveries.
In this non-fiction trip,the author takes you along for the ride, letting you experience the “aha” moments.
The Navy said it didn’t happen. Carlos Allende said it did.
“I saw the indentation of that ship’s hull in the water,” Allende asserted. “But the Navy brass told us we didn’t.
And so, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone pretended to see what was not there – everyone but Carlos Allende.
This Old Man—he played us—and so did the Navy.
How many Allendes? How many Jessups?
How many USS Eldridges?
The author is taken aback by Allende’s chivalry, while her son’s dry wit lends comic relief tothis brow-wrinkling mud-slinger.